SAN School quiz 4 answer # 5

Were you right? Here is the answer to SAN School quiz 4, question # 5

Question #5

This is NOT one of the three storage outsourcing options:

a. Vendor partnering
b. 100% outsourcing
c. Free outsourcing
d. Storage consulting

Were you correct? The correct answer is
c. Free outsourcing

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Storage outsourcing is an arrangement in which one company provides storage-related services for another company that could also be or usually have been provided in-house. Outsourcing is a trend that is becoming more common in information technology and other industries for services that have usually been regarded as intrinsic to managing a business. In some cases, the entire information management of a company is outsourced, including planning and business analysis as well as the installation, management, and servicing of the network and workstations. Outsourcing can range from the large contract in which a company like IBM manages IT services for a company like Xerox to the practice of hiring contractors and temporary office workers on an individual basis.

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