SAN School Quiz 3 Answer # 8

SAN School Quiz 3 Answer # 8

Question #8

These are all benefits of disk to disk backup, except:

a. Quick recovery time
b. Inconsistent and blurred data
c. They're (disks) faster than tapes
d. Prices of disks get cheaper every day

Were you correct? The correct answer is
b. Inconsistent and blurred data

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Disk-to-disk backup technology can best be explained in simple terms, although the technology itself can be very complex. In its simplest form, disk-to-disk can be thought of as a simple copy of the files or volumes from one disk to another disk. Okay, now before you start shouting "Hey, that's not really an explanation!" let me stress that this is the simplest form. People copy files from a hard drive to a diskette to either back up or move files around, and often copy their entire "My Documents" folder to your network server as a quick backup. While this certainly is not an enterprise-level backup strategy, it works in a pinch. Now take this basic concept of moving files from one disk to another and stretch it out to make it more relevant to the organization at large.

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