SAN School Quiz 3 Answer # 5

SAN School Quiz 3 Answer # 5

Question #5

A snapshot is defined as:

a. An instant data copy that can be either hardware or software based
b. An image created with a camera
c. Two identical operating systems
d. A data center blueprint

The correct answer is:
a. An instant data copy that can be either hardware or software based

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There are basically two methods to create a snapshot of data. One is an exact duplicate of all the data, and the other is a "picture" of how the data looked when you took the snapshot. Also, snapshots comes in three basic flavors: File system based (NetApp), subsystem based and volume manager/virtualization based. All three are considerably different. It's too much to go into in this forum. I think snapshots are an extremely important function for business continuity, but there are a lot of details to work through. You need a strategy for snapshots as well as a decent understanding of how you will establish operations to work with them. They will change your daily operations and they require constant, ongoing administration. Platform specific operations for flushing cache (file system buffers) matter a whole lot..

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