SAN School Quiz 3 Answer #3

SAN School Quiz 3 Answer #3

Question #3

This is one of the main reasons you'd connect SAN islands together:

a. To have less employees on staff
b. To consolidate device and data management
c. To use one primary SAN in your data center
d. To ensure more secure transactions

Were you correct? The correct answer is
b. To consolidate device and data management

Learn more:

Like a local area network (LAN) using Internet Protocol (IP), a SAN island consists of all the servers, switches, and storage that are physically connected in one location. Some SAN islands are isolated within the same building on different floors or in different departments. Each small SAN might currently be used for different applications or perhaps be used by separate business units within a company.

Individual smaller SANs are connected to form a larger SAN to share and copy data.

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