SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 7

SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 7

Question #7

Asynchronous copy is also known as:

a.Smart copy.
b. Bulk copy.
c. Performance copy.
d. Speed of light copy.

Were you correct? The correct answer is
b. Bulk copy.

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In the asynchronous scheme, data is written to one storage array but may not be sent to the other until a certain elapsed time has passed. This means that the client can be informed that the data has been written before the data has been passed to potentially slow off-site storage. The downside of this is that the possibility of data loss if the data has not been put onto both sets of storage when a fault occurs.

Without much thought, it can be assumed that synchronous replication is better than asynchronous replication as the data is always being copied is always on the two separate arrays. However, as is the case most of the time, that which appears obvious without thought actually turns out to be more complex as thought is applied. Replication is no exception.

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