SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 5

SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 5

Question #5

What is the number ONE risk factor to your data?

a.Employee sabotage.
b. Hardware problems, i.e. memory crashes.
c. Software glitches.
d. Power fluctuations in the data center.

Were you correct? The correct answer is
d. Power fluctuations in the data center.

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Disaster recovery planning has become a war cry in many organizations as the result of high profile natural and manmade disasters and increasingly strict regulations and laws mandating the protection and long-term retention of data -- an organization's most irreplaceable asset second only to skilled personnel.

Power protection has always been a prerequisite for resilient computing and a common-sense step for anyone who depends on IT, lights, environmental controls (or just about anything else that is electricity-driven for their workplace). Power protection planning is an integral part of disaster recovery planning and doesn't require a degree in electrical engineering to figure out.

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