SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 4

SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 4

Question #4

When using a zoned SAN, what is the one thing you don't want to do?

a.Add new servers to the SAN.
b. Use Unix and NT together.
c. Use Fibre Channel switches.
d. Use tape libraries.

Were you correct? The correct answer is
b. Use Unix and NT together.

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Zoning is a powerful, flexible method for dividing up a SAN and assigning its devices. However, zoning is only part of the overall schema for structuring a SAN. ANSI standards actually define a hierarchy of organization within a zoned SAN, starting with the member devices and leading up to the zone set.

Logically, zone sets are a step above zones. That is, a zone set is composed of zones, which are composed of members -- devices such as switches and disk arrays. While a SAN can have many zone sets, only one zone set -- often consisting of multiple zones -- can be active at a time. In most installations, however, zone sets can be changed without bringing down the SAN. Although the SAN doesn't have to be shut down to change zone sets, the SAN should be idle when the zone set is actually changed.

For SAN managers, the major advantage of using zone sets is flexibility. Zones can be members of different zone sets for different purposes, such as backup and dynamic reconfiguration. They can also be used for testing and maintenance of some of the devices in the SAN without affecting the other devices.

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