SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 10

SAN School Quiz 2 Answer # 10

Question #10

The main function of an ISL is to:

a.Replicate data between switches.
b. Install new switches on multiple servers.
c. Allow data and configuration information to flow between switches.
d. Increase security among SANs.

Were you correct? The correct answer is
c. Allow data and configuration information to flow between switches.

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In reality, while a network provides any-to-any connectivity, not every device in a network needs good connectivity to every other device. However, building a full mesh where there is good any-to-any connectivity does mean that you can pretty much ignore locality. You can just plug any device in anywhere knowing that there is enough bandwidth.

The downside is that a full mesh is only really practical for up to four or five switches. Otherwise, all of the ports are used for interswitch links with no user ports. Using 16-port switches you could build a 17-switch full mesh that would look very nice and have no free ports. In this case, a full mesh will typically take up to 40 to 50 user ports, which is good because 32- and 64-port switches are available if you need to go large.

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