SAN School Answer #3

SAN School Answer #3

Question #3

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of a SAN?

a. A SAN takes all the data on all our servers and ties it together outside of the servers, which makes it easier to back up.
b. You can not move your data out horizontally in case of a disaster.
c. You can have many different data centers managed in one place, so your operation can be global in scope.
d. Placing data external to the server makes the server less important in case anything happens to it.

The correct answer is:
b. You can not move your data out horizontally in case of a disaster.

One of the critical design tasks in a disaster recovery plan is making sure that your data is being duplicated so that it can be replaced if necessary. And, as many of our experts can attest to, centralizing your backups can not only help ensure that your data is safe should anything happen to your work site, it can also help reduce costs. For more information on backups and disaster recovery planning, check out the articles below.

Backup resources

  • Centralized backups can help reduce admin costs
  • Six reasons to centralize backups
  • How to save money on SAN backup

    Disaster recovery planning

  • Phase one: Completing a preliminary risk analysis
  • Phase two: Critical design tasks
  • Phase three: Implementation
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