Certification value survey: Do cloud certs help data storage careers?

Take our survey on certification value and let us know how storage and cloud storage certifications stack up.

In a recent feature on data storage certification value, Assistant Editor Rachel Kossman delved into the subject of cloud certifications. She spoke with industry experts, certification developers and a veteran IT pro who was among the first to attend EMC’s cloud storage certification class.

Now we're asking you -- do you see the value in cloud storage certifications? Take our quick SearchCloudStorage.com certification value survey and help us discover the answer.

Cloud storage certifications

3. Have you ever taken any general storage certification courses? *
4. If you have taken certification courses, did you complete the test, or just enroll in the course? *
5. If you have enrolled in certification courses, were they: *
7. Would you say that the certification courses you took were helpful to your career? *
8. Do you hold any cloud-specific certifications? *
9. Would you take a cloud storage certification class? *
10. Do you believe a cloud certification particular to storage could help your career? *

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