Backup school: Quiz two, answer two

Here is the answer to Backup school quiz two, question two.

Question #2

Users' data is best kept on the:

a) Partition closest to the tape drive
b) Second partition or drive
c) The first partition
d) None of the above

Were you correct? The correct answer is:

b. The second partition or drive

Learn more:

A partition is a logical division of a hard disk created so that you can have different operating systems on the same hard disk or to create the appearance of having separate hard drives for file management, multiple users, or other purposes. A partition is created when you format the hard disk.

Typically, a one-partition hard disk is labelled the "C:" drive ("A:" and "B:" are typically reserved for diskette drives). A two-partition hard drive would typically contain "C:" and "D:" drives. (CD-ROM drives typically are assigned the last letter in whatever sequence of letters have been used as a result of hard disk formatting, or typically with a two-partition, the "E:" drive.)

When you boot an operating system into your computer, a critical part of the process is to give control to the first sector on your hard disk. It includes a partition table that defines how many partitions the hard disk is formatted into, the size of each, and the address where each partition begins. This sector also contains a program that reads in the boot sector for the operating system and gives it control so that the rest of the operating system can be loaded into random access memory.

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