EMC World 2011 Survival Kit

EMC World 2011 Survival Kit and Conference Coverage

We hope you're enjoying EMC World 2011!

To help you get more from your experience at the big event in Las Vegas, we’re highlighting a few of our most popular resources that are sure to be top-of-mind discussions at this year’s EMC World.

And don’t forget to keep checking back during the week of May 9th – 12th as SearchStorage.com Senior News Director, Dave Raffo, provides live coverage from the EMC World floor!

Here's a few highlights from this year's conference already:

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery Technology Tutorials
Whether you are looking to learn about the latest in modern data backup and recovery backup systems, how to purchase a tape library, are considering cloud backup, or want advice on remote-office backup, you can learn about it on SearchDataBackup.com. We've compiled our best data backup and recovery technology tutorials on disk-based backup, backup security, backing up virtual machines, and more.

Building a Better Data Backup Plan: This Year's Hottest Backup Trends
Explore this Special Report to learn about the hottest backup trends in 2011. Discover what’s new in backup hardware, backup software and backup outsourcing.

Data Archiving

Choosing a Data Archiving Strategy: Disk Archiving vs. Tape Archiving
Data archiving is vital for most companies, but which is best for you, archiving to disk, tape or both? You be the judge…

Evaluating Data Archiving Software and Other Data Archiving Best Practices
Find out how to evaluate your requirements and get expert insights for choosing the right data archiving software in this popular column by W. Curtis Preston.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Free Disaster Recovery Planning Templates
Download our free templates from SearchDisasterRecovery.com and learn how to create the best and most efficient disaster recovery plan for your business.

Tutorial: Bulletproof Your Disaster Recovery Planning Process
Check out this free Essential Guide and learn how to bulletproof your disaster recovery planning process.

Cloud Computing 

Cloud File Storage Pros and Cons
In this SearchStorage.com FAQ, Jeff Boles, senior analyst and director, validation services at Hopkinton, Mass.-based Taneja Group, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage, who the top vendors and cloud storage service providers are, and which environments shouldn't use cloud storage.

Cloud Backup Best Practices: A Tutorial on Evaluating Cloud Data Backup Services
In this tutorial on cloud backup best practices, learn what you should look for in potential cloud data backup services, questions to ask potential vendors, management and security concerns, and cloud backup services that are popular with larger enterprises.

Enterprise Applications 

Choosing the Best Oracle Backup Strategy for your Environment
Find out which Oracle backup strategy is right for you in this FAQ: user-managed backups, RMAN or import/export backups.

Creating a System Recovery Disk in Windows 7: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
In a corporate environment, the IT staff isn't always responsible for backing up individual desktop computers. Even so, you may be able to benefit from creating a Windows 7 System Repair Disk. Check out this popular article to learn how to create and use a Windows 7 System Repair Disk that can be used for all of your Windows 7 systems.

Mainframe Platforms

Mainframe Backup Brings Different Challenges to Backup Administrators
Mainframe backup is still widely used in today's industry. Find out why organizations are still choosing to use mainframe backup and how it's different from open-systems backup.

Security and Compliance 

Records Retention Management: Arm Yourself Against Regulatory Scrutiny
Learn how to build a records retention management system that protects you against regulatory scrutiny, satisfies e-discovery requests and manages capacity.

Developing an Electronic Data Retention Policy
Every organization should have a documented electronic data retention policy. Check out this tip to learn how to develop and enforce a data retention policy.

Storage and IT Management 

Efficient Data Storage: A Guide for Storage Managers
Our efficient data storage guide offers tips for storage managers that they can use to save money, reduce their data footprint and get more out of their data storage.

Data Migration Checklist: What To Do Before, After and During a Data Migration
As your company grows, there's a good chance you'll eventually outgrow your current storage environment. While the original move from direct-attached storage (DAS) to an array might have been not too difficult, SAN storage data migration projects are much more labor-intensive and complicated. But with proper planning and our data migration checklist, you can ensure your project doesn't take more time and money than planned.

Technology Directions and Innovation 

Hot Storage Technologies for 2011
Find out the 6 hottest storage technologies that are likely to show up – or are already showing up – in data centers in 2011.

Data Storage Trends 2011: Predictions of Hot Data Storage Technologies
Explore this expert FAQ as three analysts weight in and tell us what they think are the hottest data storage technologies and data storage trends for this year.

Tiered Storage and Automation 

Tiered Data Storage Strategies for your IT Shop
Tiered data storage has many benefits, but you need to examine your options before implementing it in your storage system. Check out our top articles on storage tiering to learn more about tiered data storage and its benefits.

New Wave of Automated Tiering Software Eases Migration, Adds Control
Learn about sub-LUN tiering, the latest in automated tiering software, and how the major storage vendors are promoting the technology with their SSD options.


Virtual Server Tutorial: Managing a Server Virtualization Environment
This virtual server tutorial evaluates network storage options for virtual servers, describes the VMware vStorage APIs and discusses how VMware's storage support differs from Citrix Systems Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

Storage Virtualization Technology Pros and Cons
Check out this expert podcast featuring Marc Staimer, president at Beaverton, Ore.-based Dragon Slayer Consulting, as he discusses storage virtualization technology. Find out the pros and cons of storage virtualization, when to rule out storage virtualization in your environment, and how to decide whether file-based or block-based storage virtualization makes sense in your shop.