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Week in review podcast: Flash storage arrays see increased adoption

Listen to the top news from the Storage Media Group; we discuss all-flash storage arrays from Kaminario, Dell's newest storage arrays and get a UK update about virtual DR software.

In this edition of the Storage Media Group's weekly podcast, executive editor Ellen O’Brien and senior news director Dave Raffo discuss the latest in solid-state drive (SSD) product releases, including Kaminario’s addition of new features to its line of all-flash storage arrays, and GreenBytes Inc.’s release of an all-flash storage array for the small- and medium-sized (SMB) market. Raffo also addresses the impact of these releases on the market, and why he thinks performance alone isn’t enough to increase widespread flash storage adoption.

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Week in review podcast: Flash storage arrays see increased adoption

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  • Firefox: Right Click > Save Link As covered the addition of high-availability (HA) and data protection features to Kaminario’s all-flash storage arrays, resulting in added snapshots and asynchronous replication features for use in disaster recovery (DR) and remote backup. The firm also added a new type of RAID called “RAID 10HD” to distribute primary data in a more efficient way. The new features are an addition to Kaminario’s line of all-flash and hybrid DRAM-flash arrays released last year, and should make the product line a more attractive enterprise solution, Raffo said.

Raffo also spoke about the difference between application-based snapshot functionality and snapshots that take place in the array, which is featured in Kaminario’s newest release. “A lot of high-performance and mission-critical applications will have snaps built in, but it’s more efficient if it’s done in the array,” he said. “It has less of an impact on performance.”

He added that performance alone isn’t enough to push all-flash array adoption, which is why vendors like Kaminario have focused on management, data protection and HA features in order to be a feasible replacement for a traditional storage setup.

Dell, Virtual Sharp and STORserver release new products senior news writer Sonia Lelii spoke with Dell personnel and storage analysts about the new 6110 and 4110 series of Dell's EqualLogic storage array that aims to provide compatibility for both copper and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) bandwidth. The 6110 series will replace the older 6010 line that didn’t support copper bandwidth, and will supplement the 6100 series that only supports GbE. bureau chief Antony Adshead blogged about Virtual Sharp taking aim at SMB users with its newest virtual DR software. The product eases virtual DR management by tracking configurations, vMotions, middleware, and application and service dependencies via a system of snapshot copies taken at the disaster recovery site.

Finally, wrote about STORserver Inc.'s newest product release Version 2.0 of STORserver's Console product adds management features to its Backup Appliance and IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager servers. The new functions include storage pool administration, data retention report creation and volume management.

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