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Storage Radio: SSD vs. HDD, QLogic and more

Our news team dedicated to covering the solid-state market discusses the comparisons that many storage pros are making about SSD vs. HDD.

This week's edition of Storage Radio focuses on a network-led, server-side flashing product and the solid-state drive versus hard disk drive comparisons many users are making.

Storage Media Group senior news director Dave Raffo and news writer Todd Erickson spoke with associate site editor John Hilliard about solid-state drive (SSD) adoption and hard disk drive (HDD) purchasing decisions, as well as Erickson's story this week on QLogic Corp. and it's server-side-flash cache-sharing technology. Erickson interviewed QLogic executives about their decision to use single-level cell (SLC) flash rather than the lower-cost multi-level cell due to SLC's endurance factor. In an earlier story, Hilliard reported that the HDD cost-per-gigabyte advantage in the SSD vs. HDD contest will keep the HDD market thriving in 2013 even though total HDD revenue numbers will drop.

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