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Storage Radio: PCI Express cards, all-flash from EMC, Violin Memory

This week's edition of Storage Radio focuses on the power of PCI Express cards in the storage market, where all-flash strategies are all the rage.

In this week's edition of Storage Radio, Storage Media Group Senior News Director Dave Raffo and Executive Editor Ellen O'Brien discuss a week of all-flash and PCI Express news in the data storage industry.

Topping the lineup is Dave's take on EMC's launch of its XtremIO all-flash array and the addition of enterprise multi-level PCI Express cards to the product. So far, the flash market is proving to be as hot in 2013 as it was in 2012, when all-flash arrays were among the biggest storage trends.

Violin Memory also made server-side flash news this week with its PCI Express announcement. That company acquired Gridiron Systems in a flash cache market play in January. Also this week, Fusion-io -- the company that once owned the PCI Express market -- said it welcomes the competition and the comparisons; EMC often refers to Fusion-io when it shows metrics related to its line of flash products. Dave spoke with Fusion-io CIO David Flynn for a Storage Soup blog.

Listen to this week's podcast to hear more of the latest flash news, and check out to find out how flash caching software products differ from one another.


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