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Storage Radio: Hitachi VSP offers Accelerated Flash storage module

This week's Storage Radio podcast discusses Hitachi's entry into the solid-state market with an Accelerated Flash storage module for Hitachi VSP.

In the latest edition of our weekly Storage Radio podcast, executive editor Ellen O’Brien and senior news director Dave Raffo talk about the week's top headlines, including a solid-state addition to the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform. Dave and Ellen provide insights and updates on five of the top news stories in the data storage market this week and EMC's first Syncplicity news since acquiring the company in May.

Hitachi VSP gets solid-state play. There's plenty of flash news coming from storage vendors these days, and now Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Corp. has joined the flash frenzy with its first solid-state offering. The Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage module is a proprietary product available for the HDS Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). A newly built 8U chassis holds the flash storage module. There are plans for additional HDS storage arrays to use the flash technology in the future.

EMC syncs Syncplicity, Documentum for content sharing on mobile devices. EMC Corp. says it wants to make the sharing of files on mobile devices as simple as sharing photos on Facebook, and that's the goal of its first technology release tied to Syncplicity, a cloud-based file management service provider that EMC acquired earlier this year. The goal, according to company executives, is to take Documentum content and share it with mobile devices -- both inside and outside the firewall. EMC is billing the technology as a way to push out content to pre-defined user groups while giving IT the ability to maintain control over where it's shared.

NetApp spruces up midrange FAS offerings. NetApp Inc. says its FAS storage array platform has been made more powerful with additional capacity, processing and array flash caching in two new models of the company’s FAS3200 series. NetApp customers know the company's engine is its Data Ontap operating system (which received a major makeover earlier this year) running across all FAS arrays. That means this week's FAS upgrade is mostly a speeds-and-feeds increase, with pricing about the same as for previous versions.

TwinStrata boosts CloudArray with NAS, SSD functions. If you've been keeping an eye on TwinStrata Inc., then you know the company has picked up 20 cloud providers ranging from Amazon and AT&T to smaller players such as Cloudian and SoftLayer. This week, the company added new features to its CloudArray 4.0 platform, including network-attached storage capability, a solid-state drive option and new pricing options for its CloudArray models.

IBM debuts StorwizeV3700 for SMBs. Aimed straight at the midmarket, IBM's new Storwize V3700 is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses that have already committed to server virtualization and now are in need of shared storage. The new product uses the same code base as the IBM Storwize V7000, which is designed for block storage. Storwize V3700 has the ability to virtualize internal storage, and it gives storage admins the option to move data from a current platform onto the Storwize system with a one-way data migration feature.

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