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Storage Radio: EMC software-defined storage gets serious with ViPR

Senior news director Dave Raffo discusses the new ViPR EMC software-defined storage product and other EMC World 2013 conference news.

Fresh from his trip to EMC World 2013, Storage Media Group senior news director Dave Raffo talks with executive editor Ellen O'Brien about the ViPR EMC software-defined storage product announced at the annual Las Vegas user show. EMC World 2013 shone a bright spotlight on software-defined storage, and Raffo spoke to company executives and industry analysts about the challenges that lie ahead when it comes to defining EMC's vision of software-defined storage. But how long will it take ViPR to become a reality? Promising to speed up object storage in the cloud so that some typical latency issues can be avoided, ViPR essentially is offering enterprises the ability to build out data centers the way Google has. That means a Web-scale data center without hiring hundreds of developers. For more details on EMC's ViPR software-defined storage offering and Pivotal -- EMC's other major EMC World 2013 announcement -- listen to the complete podcast.

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