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Storage Radio: Cloud storage trends that matter

Senior News Editor Dave Raffo helps data storage pros decipher the cloud storage trends that fogged the cloud landscape in 2012.

Senior news editor Dave Raffo and executive editor Ellen O’Brien discuss some of the top cloud storage trends in 2012 in this edition of Storage Radio. During the year, reporters in the Storage Media Group tackled many trends in cloud storage, including the quickly growing online file-sharing market, Microsoft's cloud gateway play, and the role of object storage as a fundamental building block of cloud storage strategies.

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This week, get their perspectives on who made a difference in the cloud storage market this year, and find out the results of our cloud storage survey to discover where the technology is headed in 2013. Dave and Ellen also discuss EMC's Atmos upgrade, announced this week. Aimed at large service providers and enterprises that build private storage clouds, the upgrade includes a new hardware system and native support for Amazon S3 application programming interface so customers can migrate to an Atmos cloud and see the benefits of cloud storage without rewriting an application, according to EMC. And, the cloud took on a larger role of the cloud for disaster recovery (DR) strategies in 2012. Our year-end wrap-up on provides insight on how more providers are pitching the cloud as a way to enable quick failover and recovery to storage pros planning DR strategies.

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