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Cloud survey uncovers seven storage services trends


Use of cloud-based storage services widens among enterprise apps

Source:  TechTarget Graphic: Brian Linnehan/TechTarget

For the average company responding to our CloudPulse survey, 42% of its applications use some form of cloud-based storage services.

To be sure, most companies still take a fairly cautious approach; 60% report that half or fewer of their applications are linked to cloud storage in any way.

On the flip side of that equation, 36% noted that more than half of their applications tap into cloud storage services.

Considering all cloud storage applications -- e.g., primary and near-line storage, backup, disaster recovery and archiving -- 55% of companies look to a cloud storage service to provide software that will move data in the cloud. Twenty-three percent use other software that hooks into cloud-based storage services and 16% have installed on-premises appliances that offer a local cache with a link to the cloud.

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