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Analyst Q&A on IBM, question five

Industry gurus Randy Kerns and Peter Gerr shed light on IBM's strengths and weaknesses

Do you think IBM has the right road map for future success in the storage space?

Randy Kerns: The storage space is going to be tightly coupled with management software and the evolution toward integrated lifecycle management. One of the biggest issues will be transparency in handling data movement. There are a great number of elements here and IBM has a roadmap to cover many of them.

Peter Gerr: I think IBM has proven over the past five years that it has the confidence to take a hard look at its own products and make difficult decisions that ultimately lead to success. The Shark is a great example of this, where the company invested considerable time, energy and money to make that product competitive with EMC and HDS. It's critical that IBM keep the Shark competitive. Also, the company should build on its ability to virtualize a heterogeneous storage environment to bring the vision of an "on demand" infrastructure to reality. I also think IBM needs to communicate better to users how its various hardware and software products fit together.

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