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Analyst Q&A on IBM, question three

Industry gurus Randy Kerns and Peter Gerr shed light on IBM's strengths and weaknesses

Who or what do you see as IBM's biggest threat in the storage space?

Randy Kerns: The biggest threat has to be the competition and what they are able to do to bring products to market faster and with more customer needed functions with a lower cost point. Certainly, in the storage hardware area, EMC would have to be seen as their chief competitor, followed closely by HDS.

Peter Gerr: I think every vendor has strengths and weaknesses, and it's a shell game with the elite vendors leapfrogging each other with new releases. When a single vendor has as many products as IBM, I'm always concerned about their balancing the development of new products with the ability to sell them into the right environments. But IBM seems to do a relatively good job of managing this. From a long-term perspective, the SVC and the SAN File System are perhaps the most important technologies IBM has because these solutions form the foundation of a virtualized infrastructure.

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