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IBM Jens Tiedemann's answer to question one

IBM Jens Tiedemann's answer to question one

What are the areas of IBM's TotalStorage services that you will be focusing on over the next six months?
Tiedemann: We are focusing on three areas. First, simplifying the overall storage infrastructure through virtualization. What our virtualization products really do is cut the umbilical cord between servers and storage, so application servers will never experience downtime. This makes a storage admin's job much easier. With SAN Volume Controller and SAN File System, we are the leader in virtualization technology.

Second, we are also paying close attention to information lifecycle management (ILM) --not only the management of hierarchical data, but also analyzing what the data means and enforcing policies about data. And of course there's compliance -- also part of ILM -- where massive amounts of data must be stored in a controlled environment, but also be available. Our new Data Retention Server 450 System (started shipping in March 2004) was designed to address this very need.

Our third area of focus is data resiliency and disaster recovery. Again, with a virtualized infrastructure you don't need to have the same storage device at two sites. You have the freedom to replicate data to a less expensive storage device at your remote site.

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