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Do you plan to pursue a SNIA storage certification?

The Storage Networking Industry Association is driving hard to make its certifications a necessity for the average storage administrator. And, according to a recent poll, many of you think it is.

Some users believe that being certified by a vendor-neutral industry association is valuable to your career path. But others are still on the fence and haven't decided whether a SNIA storage certification is worth pursuing.

So where do you stand on a SNIA credential? Is it just a way to pad your resume? Is it necessary to spend $200 per test to become a SNIA Certified Systems Engineer, SNIA Certified Architect, or SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert? Are vendor-specific certifications all that really matters to a storage administrator? Or, is this the wave of the future?

Networked storage is complex and when you have different vendors using different languages to describe the same concept or technology, it can be enough to give you a migraine. Maybe it's time for a level set. The SNIA certification process could be the way to put the vendors and the users on even ground when it comes to understanding today's storage world.

If you're going to sign up for SNIA's new certification program, we'd like to know why. We also want to hear from you if it's not your cup of tea. So shoot us an e-mail, and give us your thoughts on SNIA's storage certifications.

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