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SNW in review

If you missed the Storage Networking World conference we've got you covered. Catch up on the latest news with our extensive coverage from SNW.

A team of editors from and Storage magazine descended on the Storage Networking World conference in Phoenix last week to chronicle all of the news, views and events coming out of the semi-annual storage smorgasbord that is SNW. And if you missed the show, fear not. We've got you covered with reports on everything from Microsoft's upgrades to Windows Storage Server 2003 and its new SAN management tool to EMC's new Clariion Disk Library, AT&T's entry into the e-mail archiving market and the nuts and bolts of IBM's new "baby" Shark.

If you're a standards junkie, check out our update on SMI-S testing (a lot of vendors passed) and the beginnings of a SNIA standard for Information Lifecycle Management. All this and an exclusive interview with Network Appliance CEO Dan Warmenhoven.

Read on for's full coverage of Storage Networking World.

EMC Clariion retooled for virtual tape

The scoop: EMC says its first disk-based backup product -- a retooled version of Clariion -- is a "functional replacement for a tape library."

HP snubs SATA for low-cost Fibre drive

The scoop: HP has opted for Seagate's new FATA drive over the more popular serial ATA drives. What's the deal?

Microsoft releases feature pack for SANs, Exchange

The scoop: Microsoft has added SAN configuration support to Windows Server 2003 and support for Exchange in Windows Storage Server.

UK schools leap into SAN space

The scoop: Struggling rural schools in England have begun to improve through a high-end SAN infrastructure and e-learning applications.

Snap Appliance joins the iSCSI club

The scoop: Snap Appliance launched a new NAS server that can serve up both file and block storage via iSCSI.

IBM spawns ESS offspring

The scoop: IBM has introduced a smaller version of the Shark Enterprise Storage Server. But how does it compare to the bigger Shark?

Microsoft chases NAS tail

The scoop: Still playing catch-up in the NAS market, Microsoft has fixed Exchange to work on its NAS devices.

AT&T service takes care of email archiving

The scoop: Ma Bell is offering to relieve businesses of the complex compliance regulations around email archiving.

Clariion Disk Library using FalconStor virtualization

The scoop: EMC's new backup system – the Clariion Disk Library – is using virtualization technology from FalconStor in its efforts to end tape's backup dominance.

ILM standard in the works?

The scoop: All signs at the Storage Networking World conference are pointing toward an Information Lifecycle Management standard in the works. But if true, what form would it take?

Two on one with Network Appliance's CEO

The scoop: Here's what the estimable Mr. Daniel Warmenhoven, CEO of NetApp had to say on a variety of key issues at the Storage Networking World conference.

Vendors pass SMI-S test

The scoop: Integrating storage products should become easier as vendors adhere to the SMI-S standard.

4 Gb/s FC: Why Bother?

The scoop: Users at SNW couldn't foresee a reason to move to 4 Gb/s FC networks when they are barely touching the capabilities of their 2 Gig gear.

Softek declares its independence

The scoop: Backed by financing from three capital investment firms, Softek has flown the Fujitsu nest and is now an independent company. What's the plan?

Users: Storage costs too much

The scoop: The SNIA's End User Council has a bone to pick with vendors and it's getting organized in its effort to be heard.

Fabric-based SAN management software unveiled

The scoop: Emerging from its earlier stealthier stance, Incipient unveils its first network-based SAN management software at Storage Networking World.

ADIC jumps on ILM bandwagon

The scoop: ADIC adds support for more operating systems and improved data migration procedures to StorNext Management software.

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