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Veritas lifecycle software makes sense of data retention

Veritas is out to make managing data from birth to death a cinch. Its latest tool lets users index and search historical data and plan lifecycle management.

Managing data from creation to deletion is a daunting task, but Veritas Software Corp. is out to make it easier. The Mountain View, Calif.-based software maker has announced the availability of Veritas Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0 (DLM) Monday, a tool designed to manage data retention across all types of storage media.

DLM -- an enhanced version of a Veritas product formerly known as Storage Migrator -- is integrated with Veritas' backup and file system products and lets users manage messaging and e-mail messages through data-retention policies. Data Lifecycle Manager ties in to Veritas NetBackup, Backup Exec and CommandCentral, so Veritas users can index and search historical backup information.

Michael Fisch, a senior analyst with the Clipper Group Inc., a Boston-based analysis firm, said Data Lifecycle Manager makes sense for NetBackup users.

"DLM and NetBackup use the same media management facility and, therefore, share the same storage resources," he said. "They can also run on the same server. Backup and restore and archiving are different functions, however."

Fisch said that users or Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec who need a data life cycle management system will most likely be first in line to buy Data Lifecycle Manager.

Robert Soderbery, Veritas' vice president of business development, said the company has a "complex price book" for DLM. But when you break it down, he said, the software will cost roughly $30 per client. However, Veritas is betting that users will save more money than they spend with DLM.

"Users can move data to lower-cost hardware that they have today and don't need to integrate new systems for archival purposes," he said. "Some vendors require you to deploy a new tape array, for example.

"DLM is both capable of going out [and] archiving and storing specific data, as well as working with third-party products to support a variety of different data types."

To that end, Veritas has launched a partner program to give third-party vendors access to the application programming interface (API) for Data Lifecycle Manager and a developer's kit that enables the integration of applications and hardware. The goal is to offer integrated solutions for the management and archiving of structured and unstructured data -- from e-mail to digital files to text. Veritas already has a laundry list of ISVs on board for the Data Lifecycle Manager partner program, including Akonix, Autonomy, Exivity, Facetime, IMLogic, Network Appliance, Pegasus, Plasmon, Princeton Softech, Sherpa Software and StorageTek.

One of Veritas' newest partners, Princeton Softech, Princeton, N.J., has already tested and certified its database archiving software with Data Lifecycle Manager.

Geoff Hogan, executive vice president of corporate development and alliances for Princeton Softech, said his company is working with Veritas to provide "an automated, policy-driven archiving solution that offers customers the ability to manage their structured data across all major ERP, CRM, vertical market and homegrown applications."

"Databases are highly structured and have to be handled in a very complex way," he said. "We create an archive file and effectively hand off our archive files to partners who can manage them more effectively over their life cycle."


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