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EMC upgrades Symmetrix DMX

EMC has doubled the processor, memory and disk speeds of its Symmetrix DMX storage array. The company has also revamped its entire line of hardware products.

EMC Corp. announced on Monday that it has doubled the processor, memory and disk speeds of its Symmetrix DMX high-end storage array. The company has also revamped its entire line of hardware products.

EMC, Hopkinton, Mass., launched the new Symmetrix DMX-2 as well as new models of its Clariion CX, Centera and Celerra storage systems.

The DMX-2 features channel and disk directors utilizing 1 GHz PowerPC processors; support for the latest 73 GB, 15,000 RPM Fibre Channel disk drives; the option of parity RAID or a new RAID 5 implementation; multiple array support for SRDF replication technology and double the cache of the previous-generation DMX.

Chuck Hollis, EMC's vice president of platforms marketing, said the new Symmetrix and other product upgrades and new models are all compatible with EMC's existing hardware systems.

"There are no migrations and no disruptions," he said. "Collectively, the round of upgrades offers more performance and are more cost-effective than the products they replace. Due to the Direct Matrix Architecture, the DMX-2 is literally twice as fast as the DMX we introduced last year."

Symmetrix DMX-2 also features AutoSwap software, which works in tandem with SRDF to migrate storage workloads across arrays for load balancing and remote disaster recovery.

Clipper Group Inc. analyst Mike Fisch said that some users will jump at the DMX-2. "If an enterprise is in the market for new storage, I think they will most likely buy the new platforms," he said.

Fisch said the performance boost inherent with an upgrade to DMX-2, as well as the management utilities that can handle new and previous-generation products at the same time, will all be attractive to end users.

"It doesn't impose extra management effort or learning to have multiple generations on the floor," Fisch said.

EMC's aim is clear: more products at a faster pace. According to Peter Gerr, a research analyst with Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Storage Group Inc., EMC is making a statement.

"This really is a comprehensive announcement and, I think, is indicative of the company's progress towards making their product development and manufacturing processes more efficient," he said.

He said that, two years ago the Symmetrix and Clariion engineering, product management, and manufacturing programs were "light years" apart, culturally and operationally. Now, just about a year after the original DMX was released, EMC is refreshing both product lines. The two families can now share some components, and there is even more functionality between the two in the form of SANCopy.

EMC said the Symmetrix DMX-2 may be up to 30% faster than its predecessor for a 20% price premium when compared to the original DMX.

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