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2003 BRONZE: SANRAD V-Switch 3000

Review of 2003 networking equipment bronze medal winner SANRAD V-Switch 3000.


We like Sanrad Inc.'s V-Switch 3000 because it brings advanced storage features to an IP SAN for a low price. With the switch's intelligent routing functions, a company can build a high-performance IP SAN that includes security, multipathing, failover protection and data replication at a fraction of the cost of a traditional FC SAN.

The iSCSI V-Switch gathers all physically attached storage resources (SCSI and FC) into a single pool of virtualized storage. From a single management interface, storage administrators can create virtual volumes and provide secure access to distributed servers and defines secure user access for each individual storage volume. Volume management includes mirroring, striping, intra-SAN synchronous mirroring and LUN carving.

The iSCSI V-Switch is compatible with Linux, Microsoft, Novell and all popular disk and tape storage systems. Prices for the V-Switch 3000 range from $15,000 to $25,000, which places SAN technology well within the reach of small to medium-sized companies that were previously unable to afford the cost of a FC SAN.

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