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2003 SILVER: CNT UltraNet Edge Storage Router -- Model 3000

Review of 2003 networking equipment silver medal winner CNT UltraNet Edge Storage Router -- Model 3000.


Computer network technology corp.'s (CNT) UltraNet Edge Storage Router is a flexible, multiprotocol storage networking platform that interconnects and extends FC and FICON SANs over IP, ATM or SONET networks. The CNT router eliminates many of the headaches involved in managing diverse networks and reducing the cost of shipping data over long distances.

The largest expense associated with remote storage applications is the network bandwidth. Judges praised CNT for implementing a number of techniques to reduce bandwidth costs by efficiently utilizing available network resources. For example, the Edge 3000's hardware-based compression can achieve 4:1 to 20:1 compression ratios, which significantly lowers the amount of bandwidth needed to support an application. CNT's management software allows users to view, configure and manage their entire remote storage application from a single console across multiple protocols and domains. The management software can be closely linked to policy engines to facilitate cross-domain analysis of performance, fault isolation and application impact.

In addition, the Edge 3000 includes a configuration attribute called State Change Management, which isolates faults from propagating through a fabric domain and minimizes the impact of component outages. The Edge 3000 also manages mixed traffic within a network. This means a storage manager can keep storage traffic from oversubscribing the network and causing issues with other applications.

The UltraNet Edge 3000 storage router is a useful tool for managing storage data over diverse networks.

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