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SAN School on is excited to announce the new semester is starting for the most comprehensive online storage area network (SAN) learning tool -- SAN School.

Storage area networks have proven themselves a boon to IT managers, but mastering the nuances of SAN implementation...

and troubleshooting is often another story. Until now... is excited to announce the new semester is starting for the most comprehensive online storage area network (SAN) learning tool -- SAN School. But, unlike advanced college courseware, you can forget about taking out a second mortgage or waking up early for a final exam. Heading back to our school for an advanced SAN degree is free and available at anytime.

The curriculum:
SAN School is a series of 14 short webcast lessons that mirror the chapters in Christopher Poelker and Alex Nikitin's new book, "Storage Area Networks for Dummies." After exposing pupils to the fundamentals of a SAN, each lesson gets progressively more advanced -- touching on tuning techniques, advice on linking SAN islands and the most effective techniques for managing SANs today.

For a syllabus, click here.

The professors:
Aside from being an author and a SAN expert Christopher Poelker is a storage architect at Hitachi Data Systems. Alex Nikitin is District Storage Manager for HDS as well as co-author of "SANs for Dummies."

What you'll walk away with:
Roughly each week, we'll release a new lesson from Chris or Alex. Along with the audio class, you'll be able to download a companion worksheet to help you take notes. After each series of lessons, we'll see how well you were really paying attention by testing your knowledge of SANs and SAN architecture.

This isn't just for newbies:
While some of the early chapters may be a rehash for some of you -- the curriculum does get considerably more advanced. (And, hey, we can all benefit from refreshers of the fundamentals, anyways.) The later lessons cover advanced SAN management methodology, point-in-time copies, using system error logs and switch logging, SAN booting benefits, IP storage and pooling.

Don't be late to class:
The first two chapters of SAN School are available right now. Click here for a full listing of lessons: SAN School .

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