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NSI's new Double-Take does Windows

NSI Software has enhanced its Double-Take replication software to operate in workgroup environments that run on Windows, and the company has sealed a deal with SunGard Data to offer the new Double-Take for Windows Workgroup NAS Edition as a service.

Responding to the demand for network-attached storage (NAS) for the Windows platform, NSI Software Inc. has tweaked its Double-Take product to operate in workgroup environments that run on Windows. The company has also sealed a deal with Wayne, Pa.-based SunGard Data Systems Inc. to offer the new Double-Take for Windows Workgroup NAS Edition as a service.

The Double-Take for Windows Workgroup NAS Edition is designed to deliver real-time data replication, automatic failover capabilities, and disaster recovery for small and midsized businesses and for large enterprise branch offices. The new software is aimed at customers using single-processor NAS devices.

"We're being responsive to the price sensitivities in the [entry-level NAS] market segment," said Bob Guilbert, NSI's vice president of marketing and business development. The Windows for Workgroup NAS edition is priced at $2,495.

Microsoft Corp.'s Windows-powered systems account for roughly 41% of the entire NAS market, Guilbert said.

Despite the fact that NSI has shipped more than 16,000 software licenses for its server, advanced server and data center editions of Double-Take, the company is banking on a new partnership with SunGard to boost sales. SunGard boasts 20,000 clients in more than 50 countries.

Steve Kenniston, a technology analyst at Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Storage Group Inc., called NSI one of the industry's "best kept secrets."

"They are very good about working with their partners to make them successful," Kenniston said.

Under the new partnership, SunGard will build a service named Double-Take, which will be sold, marketed and implemented by NSI and SunGard.

"Effectively, this will enable data replication and high availability for customers who traditionally have other platforms," he said. "We're building a service around [the] Windows platform."

SunGard will also have the ability to deploy and sell Double-Take as an offering through value-added resellers (VARs) or as a monthly service-based offering.

Double-Take for Windows Workgroup NAS Edition is available now.

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