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Storage vendors bid for Auspex remnants

Defunct NAS vendor Auspex Systems is being picked apart by vendors from all over the storage industry.

As defunct network-attached storage (NAS) vendor Auspex Systems Inc. is sold-off piecemeal, vendors from all over the storage industry are gobbling up technology, infrastructure and personnel to expand their own operations at bargain basement prices.

GlassHouse Technologies Inc., a storage services company based in Framingham, Mass., extended its reach into the storage space by acquiring the worldwide services and support business of Auspex in bankruptcy court proceedings late last week. The acquisition includes the Santa Clara, Calif.-based Auspex's services business employees, spare parts and fixed assets related to the services business, and other assets necessary to maintain all services, according to GlassHouse.

Doug Chandler, program director for the storage and data management services team at Framingham, Mass.-based International Data Corp., said it is likely that the Auspex customer base will decline with the disappearance of the company.

"GlassHouse will have gained some customers along with internal support and maintenance resources," he said.

Mark Shirman, GlassHouse president and CEO, agreed that the customer base will probably erode, but he said it has yet to show signs of collapsing. "A lot of people have some fairly significant investments and important data sitting on those assets," he said. "They're not ready to move it."

He said the acquisition gives GlassHouse a strong global services business and will expand the scope of consulting services the company provides to clients.

The real strategy for GlassHouse is to offer its own existing storage services to Auspex customers, which number more than 300 across the globe.

GlassHouse said that, when the deal is complete (it still has to be approved by the court), GlassHouse will provide maintenance and support services to existing Auspex customers. GlassHouse did not bid on Auspex's intellectual property or research and development. It has been reported that GlassHouse will pay approximately $280,000 in the deal.

Auspex filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 liquidation with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose division, late last April. The company held on to its services and support operations by retaining a skeleton crew of personnel in its customer service center. The company was delisted from the Nasdaq National Market at the beginning of May.


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