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Survey: SANs top IT shopping lists

According to a recent survey, the percentage of IT shops moving to networked storage is overwhelming and, within the networked storage pool, SANs 'are clearly the winner.'

CHICAGO -- Survey results unveiled at the Storage Management 2003 conference last week shows climbing storage budgets and a disparity between what users want and what vendors are spinning as the next great things.

The survey, conducted by Storage magazine, a sister publication of, yielded some surprisingly positive results. Most notably, storage budgets are on the rise.

Five hundred and fifteen storage managers and administrators showed strong spending plans. Half of all respondents plan to increase spending in 2003, with 25% increasing by more than 10%. Only 22% plan to cut spending, with the remainder unsure or holding steady.

SANs are on top in networked storage but, according to users, the protocol may not matter. According to the survey, people are backing up more data, though few are putting bucks into disk-to-disk backup.

A prevalent theme of the Storage Management 2003 conference last week was automated storage management, or, in other words, functionality that take the tedium out of day-to-day storage management tasks. But the industry may have overestimated customer interest in automation.

Despite the fact that experts talk a lot about automation, a large majority of survey respondents are not interested. In fact, only three or four new technologies show up as players in the storage tool kit.

Users cited third-party snapshots, gateways and quota management as technologies of interest, areas that tend not to be industry buzz words.


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