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InterSAN extends Pathline automation features

InterSAN is prepping for an upgrade of its Pathline management and automation product.

InterSAN Inc., a Scotts Valley, Calif., maker of storage area management (SAM) automation software, is set to unveil the latest version of its flagship management product Tuesday, with the release of Pathline version 2.5.

New to the software is a provisioning workflow management feature that extends the control of automation and timing throughout the process of storage provisioning; it does so by reserving storage, enabling reserved storage during a change window and optimizing configuration changes.

"What we did with 2.5 is simply extend the range and reach of the software. We now go deeper and broader with our automation and resource management capabilities," said Karen Dutch, InterSAN's vice president of marketing.

Dutch said that Pathline 2.5 features improved planning, monitoring, reporting, chargeback and automation.

Pathline's product upgrade is indicative of a trend in the industry toward storage and server consolidation.

Dutch said there are a lot of users in the process of reconfiguring their SANs because of host bus adapter upgrades and other tinkering. She said Pathline can now automatically re-map the SAN storage.

"SAN users are constantly moving devices in and out. There's a tremendous amount of work involved in re-mapping storage," Dutch said.

InterSAN has been active in recent months, working with partners like Hitachi Data Systems Corp. (HDS) and Rhapsody Networks Inc., which has been acquired by Brocade Communications Systems Inc.

InterSAN also added automated path reconfiguration, which automates the re-mapping of paths from applications to data storage paths, a necessary evil that follows SAN reconfiguration activities. Users run into re-mapping problems as a result of operations like server consolidation and SAN device upgrades and replacements, InterSAN said.

Rounding out the Pathline upgrade are new storage resource management capabilities, policy compliance auditing, path proofing, subscription-based event management capabilities and chargeback reports.

In November 2002, InterSAN scored its first OEM deal when it penned a pact with HDS to add automation to the HDS HiCommand Device Manager for storage management. The reselling agreement means that InterSAN's Pathline software is now available through Hitachi's global sales force.

Membership does have its benefits. InterSAN was among the first companies to adopt Hitachi's HiCommand application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate Pathline software with Hitachi Freedom Storage systems as part of the HDS TrueNorth Developers Program.

In January, InterSAN began work with switch startup Rhapsody Networks to co-develop network-based application management. Now that Rhapsody is part of Brocade, InterSAN is writing code that will let it discover, automatically provision and manage Brocade's fabric switches, which are due to hit the streets later this year.

Pathline 2.5 is available from InterSAN and its partner, HDS.


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