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Release the hounds! Canine candids pack cyberspace

Talk about a site that's gone to the dogs; a Web site dedicated to pictures of canines in cars is being hounded by humans who want to see their pets posted.

How much is that doggie in the Internet Explorer window?

These days, it's not hard to create a cult following on the Internet, but Jerome Turner's tale may take the cake.

Or the dog biscuit.

Turner runs a U.K.-based Web site called Dogs in Cars, which is dedicated to pictures of dogs in automobiles.

The site is attracting attention across the globe, with radio and press coverage in Australia, Germany, the U.S. and Denmark. And Turner may soon put his pup gallery in print. He said that he's been talking with publishing companies about putting the pooches on paper.

According to online news source Ananova, the 25-year-old Turner began the site as a joke, but now people are fighting tooth and claw to get their pets posted on the site.

Turner, a freelance writer and designer by profession, says his site is getting thousands of hits per day, and he sometimes receives upward of 40 pictures from fellow dog voyeurs in one day.

Dogs in Cars is accepting homemade hound pictures, but Turner stresses that his canine shutterbugging is completely candid and that forcing your dog into a car for his site won't fly.

"There are still a few people sticking sunglasses on their dog, shoving him in the car and sending us the photo, which isn't encouraged and won't be put online," he wrote.

Oh, and make sure the windows are rolled down if it's hot.

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