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EMC and Oracle team up to launch new service

Oracle and EMC have some new services, tips and tricks for making databases on EMC storage operate more efficiently.

When you have a database, you need somewhere to store the data. So it makes sense that the largest database software company would partner with the largest third-party storage vendor in the IT world.

Hopkinton, Mass.-based EMC Corp. is set to announce next week at the Oracle AppsWorld conference in San Diego that its Global Services organization has teamed with Oracle Corp.'s consulting practice to jointly deliver the new Oracle-on-EMC Database Accelerator service.

Under the new services offering, service professionals from EMC Global Services and Oracle Consulting will work with customers to design, deploy and optimize EMC storage systems, software and networks running with Oracle databases, including the latest release, Oracle 9i database.

"No question, EMC correctly views the Oracle environments as data-intensive and oriented toward lots of replication, which EMC can leverage," said Tony Prigmore, a senior analyst with Enterprise Storage Group Inc., Milford, Mass.

Prigmore said it will be interesting to watch what EMC does in the database space now that Veritas Software Corp. has acquired Precise Software Solutions, the company that developed EMC's Database Tuner product.

Scott Clark, marketing director of EMC's professional services group, said the Oracle-on-EMC Database Accelerator service is the first in a series of jointly developed service offerings. "We've designed and optimized our technologies together so that our clients receive better performance on things like backup and recovery," he said.

Clark also said that the collaboration between the two companies will lead to faster time to market. "We're deploying our technologies about 25% faster," he said. "Everyone's measuring total cost of ownership and return on investment, so our ability to deliver goes right to the bottom line."

This isn't the first time the two companies have partnered to provide services. In September 2002, EMC and Oracle cut the ribbon on the Oracle and EMC Joint Service Center (JSC), a center staffed by service engineers from both companies and built to solve problems for their shared customer base. The JSC also features a dedicated test lab where staffers duplicate and identify potential configuration problems. EMC and Oracle rub elbows in more than 25,000 customer environments.

Also in the queue from Oracle and EMC is a new way to copy and clone Oracle 11i application environments.

By using EMC's TimeFinder software, which creates multiple copies of data within a storage system, and Oracle's AutoConfig utility, customers can create a "clone" of their applications for testing, upgrades, business continuity planning, backup and recovery, data warehouse loading and hardware migrations.

Oracle's vice president of global partnerships, Doug Kennedy, said that using the AutoConfig utility has traditionally been a challenging and labor-intensive process that required users to take their production environments offline. "Using TimeFinder, we were able to automate [AutoConfig]," Kennedy said.

Using this technique, Kennedy said, users can bypass the bottlenecks that come with creating cloned copies of the Oracle E-Business Suite, according to EMC.

The companies said that the Oracle-on-EMC Database Accelerator service is now available in North America. Demonstrations of the services will be held at EMC's Global Solution centers in Toyko; Hopkinton, Mass.; and Cork, Ireland. Let us know what you think about the story. E-mail Kevin Komiega, News Writer


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