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Snap adds antivirus to latest NAS OS

Snap Appliance has released a new version of its 4400 NAS appliance with integrated antivirus protection and a capacity boost.

Less than three months after it was spun off by Quantum Corp., the new standalone network-attached storage company...

Snap Appliance Inc. has beefed up its product line.

Snap, based in San Jose, Calif., announced Wednesday the latest model of its Snap Server 4400 NAS appliance.

The Snap Server 4400 model now has a storage capacity of 720G bytes and offers 20% faster throughput and 50% faster response time than its previous generation, according to Snap. The 4400 includes hot-swappable disk drives and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports in 1U (1.75") rack-mount design.

In addition, the latest version of Snap's Guardian OS, version 2.2, has a built-in one-two-punch. Snap said Computer Associates International Inc.'s eTrust antivirus software and improved snapshot technology with chaining and rollback functionality are both integrated into Guardian OS 2.2.

Snap said the integration of eTrust with the 4400 provides for fewer virus infections and easier administration with automated updates. Improved snapshot technology allows for chaining of separate snapshots for minimizing disk space requirements, as well as rollback of snapshots to easily restore accidentally deleted or corrupted files and directories, according to Snap.

Snap Appliance is no ordinary spin-off. According to one expert, the company is in an enviable position in the NAS market.

"They are kind of a start-up with $40 million in revenue on day one," said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst with Enterprise Storage Group Inc., Milford, Mass.

Duplessie said Snap is after the volume market, where it already holds a dominant position. "They sit in a pretty good [position], since the market moves toward more and more commoditized [hardware]," he said.

Version 2.2 of Guardian OS is now available to existing Snap Server customers for free on Snap's Web site.

Quantum spun off its Snap NAS division in October 2002. It was actually Quantum's second attempt to spin off the company; a failed first attempt ended in June 2001.

As part of the spin-off process, Quantum separated assets related to its NAS business and made them the property of the new company, Snap Appliance. Snap took with it Quantum's entry-level Snap Server and midrange Guardian product families, leaving Quantum's storage solutions group to focus exclusively on data protection.

Under the terms of the agreement, Snap Appliance purchased Quantum's NAS assets and an undisclosed but "substantial" number of employees for $11.3 million.

Snap combined its NAS products with software technology from privately held Broadband Storage Inc. Other investors in Snap included Moore Capital Management and Mellon Ventures Inc., an affiliate of Mellon Financial Corp. Let us know what you think about the story. E-mail Kevin Komiega, News Writer


Quantum revisits spin-off idea, creates Snap Appliance Inc.

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