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GOLD: Fujitsu Softek Storage Manager

Review of Fujitsu Softek Storage Manager


Users have had it with vendor promises of heterogeneous management. While software makers have been racing to bring the best management tools to market this year, one product has emerged from the pack to answer the call for automated storage provisioning, archiving, security and overall SAN management.

Fujitsu Softek's Storage Manager not only centralizes and automates storage management in multivendor environments, but it goes the extra mile by allowing users to pool management of disparate data and storage hardware types, including both open and mainframe systems, through the use of virtualization, replication, migration and storage resource management technology.

Our judges took special notice of Storage Manager's wide platform support. Softek Storage Manager software works with Windows NT/2000, Sun Solaris, HP/UX, AIX and mainframe platforms OS/390 and Z/OS.

Fujitsu-which was one of the first software vendors to integrate features through a policy engine-doesn't overlook the fundamental functions of storage management. The software links storage directly to application requirements and warns when storage servers are near or reach maximum capacity, runs reports, delete files and automatically provisions storage in virtualized SAN environments.

Storage Manager is reverent of the past. Legacy storage also falls under the software's reign, letting users view not only networked NAS and SAN systems, but DAS as well. The software monitors and automates actions such as archiving, deleting files and provisioning storage resources using set storage policies across servers or groups of servers.

Fujitsu's victory over the runners-up for Storage Management Product of the Year was indeed slim, but the experts believe Storage Manager gives users the most management for their IT buck.

Storage Management software runners-up

  • Silver: FalconStor IPStor
  • Bronze: Veritas SANPoint Control 3.5

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