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SILVER: Bocada BackupReport Suite 2.0

Review of Bocada BackupReport Suite 2.0


This tool by Bellevue, WA-based Bocada, Inc., won a special place in our judge's hearts. After checking out Bocada's...

BackupReport, it became clear why this product received more glowing accolades from analysts, reviewers and customers than virtually any other storage software we've seen.

One judge even proclaimed, "Products such as these are desperately needed in the field." BackupReport does just what its name implies: It reports on the relative success or failure of your organization's backup processes. Using an intuitive GUI, it offers visual cues to identify how well your backups succeeded, often within moments of initial install. Surprisingly to most administrators, the final reports can quickly identify up to several hundred gigabytes that haven't been backed up successfully.

The product uses an agentless architecture that supports multiple operating systems and all major backup software products, including Veritas, Legato, IBM Tivoli, products by HP, Computer Associates, and Microsoft.

Pricing starts at $4,300 for a perpetual license to a single backup server in a homogeneous network environment.

Backup & disaster recovery software runner-up

  • Bronze: Veritas NetBackup 4.5

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