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BRONZE: 3PAR Utility Storage System

Review of 3PAR Utility Storage System


3PAR's utility storage server isn't the everyman's disk subsystem. With capacity that can scale to 375T Bytes in...

a single S800 system (using 2,560 147GB drives) and 47,001 SPC-1 IOPS performance, 3PAR has delivered on what is commonly known as utility storage -- storage suited for the most demanding data center environments.

It's not only that 3PAR's Utility Storage Server is fast and gigantic that appealed to our judges. It's also the system's ability to serve up that performance and capacity as needed to a variety of different hosts and applications. Equipped with between two and eight clustered controller nodes, these data movement engines can handle mixed workloads simultaneously, while providing fault tolerance and single system image for simplified management. For storage managers that want to consolidate their storage, 3PAR's Utility Storage Server presents them the opportunity to efficiently house all their diverse applications on a single system, without fear of wasting expensive storage resources.

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