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Veritas buys two firms, takes on apps management

Veritas Software is moving beyond the realm of storage and into the world of application and server management. The company acquired software makers Precise and Jareva Technologies on Thursday.

In a surprise move Thursday, Veritas Software Corp., Mountain View, Calif., extended its software reach in the data center with the acquisitions of Precise Software Solutions Ltd. and Jareva Technologies Inc., a pair of purchases that gives the company control of servers, applications and storage.

The Precise acquisition, which cost $537 million, brings Veritas' storage management software up to the application level by enabling monitoring and analyzation of an application infrastructure. Web servers, application servers, databases and storage now fall under Veritas' management expertise. Precise is based in Westwood, Mass.

Jareva Technologies' focus is on automated server provisioning. The Sunnyvale, Calif., company's software, which cost Veritas $62 million, automatically provisions requests for a replacement from a server pool in the event of a failure. Jareva brings new servers online, puts in place the correct environment and then passes it to Veritas to fail over the application.

Mark Bregman, executive vice president of product operations for Veritas Software, said the company has moved beyond the storage part of data management to server and application availability.

"We've filled in a couple of squares on the chess board with these acquisitions," Bregman said. "This extends our storage performance [capabilities] up into server applications."

Bregman said that Jareva lets Veritas fill in server application automation stack, including server provisioning, while Precise adds performance management capabilities.

Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst with the Enterprise Storage Group Inc., Milford, Mass., said that Veritas was already a big player in the infrastructure management space, and with Jareva it can spin a good story about end-to-end data center management.

"I saw problems for them ahead in the backup space alone, but now this could change everything. It really could bring them into brand new markets with a heavy-duty story," Duplessie said.

"The Jareva acquisition gives Veritas an opportunity to get out of being just a storage management player. It gives them the opportunity to look at performance management," said Mike Karp, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates Inc., Boulder, Colo. "This is clearly going to be useful for them because they continuallly come up against competitors like BMC and Tivoli."

Karp added that the acquisition of Precise is more of a classic storage play.

"Veritas is trying to make a statement here about how they're going to be positioning themselves for the market for the next several years," Karp said.

BMC Software was quick to respond to its newfound competition in the system and application management markets. The company issued a statement Thursday, which said storage management software vendors that adopt an application-centric focus in their products as a way of enabling managers to see what storage resources are associated with each application in their environment are following BMC's lead. The company said Veritas will be playing catch up with the 3-year-old BMC's application-centric storage management (ACSM) initiative.

Veritas also gets some storage resource management (SRM) software to complement its exisiting products. Precise made an acquisition of its own when it purchased W. Quinn Associates Inc., Reston, Va., in September 2001.

Veritas said it will take time to integrate the product lines of the acquired companies. Bregman estimates that the deals will close in the middle of 2003 with products following soon thereafter. Let us know what you think about the story. E-mail Kevin Komiega, News Writer


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