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The skinny on the 2002 storage stories of the year

What are the best read stories on in 2002 and what do they mean to the industry? Take a look at the top 10 stroage stories of the year and how they shaped 2002.

What are the best read stories on in 2002 and what do they mean to the industry? Take a look at the top 10 storage stories of the year and how they shaped 2002.

#1. EMC takes aim at takeover targets

Skinny: Curious about EMC's next move, this article was a winner with many different segments of the storage market. EMC did come away with a Prisa Networks, but you have to think Joe Tucci is ready to pull the trigger on another company, and soon.

#2. EMC, BMC and Veritas crowned leaders in SAN management

Skinny: Is SAN management an oxymoron? Is there any way to effectively manage a heterogeneous SAN? Gartner seems to think that EMC, BMC and Veritas are at least headed in the right direction.

#3. Microsoft clarifies Exchange/NAS compatibility

Skinny: Be afraid, be very afraid. Microsoft is slowly creeping into storage and they are already trying to clarify their position. Will Mr. Softee and the rest of the storage industry play nice? Don't count on it.

#4. IBM makes good on virtual Shark

Skinny: You may need more than a compass (pun intended) to navigate IBM's virtual shark plans. This highly read article clears up with on again off again plans to introduce virtualization for its Shark Enterprise Storage Server.

#5. IBM's Enterprise Storage Server: A real shark or just a guppy?

Skinny: Called into question by this popular article is the technology embedded in IBM's shark product. IBM counters that the Shark has been made-over a number of times including the upgrade of its FICON, SCSI and Fibre Channel interconnect technologies.

#6. Vendors denounce EMC's WideSky as defacto standard

Skinny: Standards, who needs standards? EMC is just going to go out and provide something that manages everything, right? Not so fast says the rest of the vendor community.

#7. Duplessie asks, EMC answers

Skinny: Vendors aren't the only ones questioning EMC about their standards and management plans. Outspoken analyst Steve Duplessie questions an EMC exec. on the company's plans to cooperate with standards bodies.

#8. HP's got a storage roadmap, but some directions unclear

Skinny: The first full year of the merger that was supposed to be dead, dead, dead actually goes through and rather smoothly, all things considered. Some lingering questions abound, but for the most part the HPaq merger is going along just fine.

#9. IBM's Sanford sees storage nirvana

Skinny: The future is autonomic says outgoing IBM storage leader Linda Sandford. IBM's autonomic server project, eLiza, may not be nirvana, but could prove useful for users in the future.

#10. IBM's merged groups might not bode well for storage

Skinny: Merging servers and storage groups at IBM? That can't be good for storage.

Honorable Mention:

  • EMC ousts NetApp from top NAS spot -- sort of

  • Unsecure SANs invitation for hackers
  • Cisco's new switches may threaten hardware vendors, storage integrators
  • iSCSI may be hot but switch makers bank on Fibre Channel
  • Dig Deeper on Storage vendors

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