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SNIA IP Storage Forum sketches iSCSI, FCIP and iFCP roadmap

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is working on creating a common set of standards for the future. While those storage standards might not be in place just as yet, here is what the IP Storage Forum Governing Board sees as the progress that will be made in 2003.

Predictions for iSCSI

The SNIA IP Storage Forum Governing Board predicts:
Following the completion of the iSCSI specification and the availability of iSCSI storage products in early 2003, early iSCSI SAN deployments and further widespread adoption of iSCSI will follow in 2H03.

Furthermore, almost every operating system will have support for iSCSI by the end of 2003 and most by the end of June 2003. With the completion of the specification, global 2000 customers will begin testing and qualification cycles to determine the types of applications best suited for iSCSI. Starting with email, database, file, and print applications, by the end of 2003, enterprise customers will be using iSCSI for business continuance applications, leveraging the IP backbones and enterprise networks they already have in place for midrange and low-end servers, using primarily server based replication software.

By the end of 2003, iSCSI will be the preferred choice for some small to medium sized business customers.

Predictions for (Fibre Channel over IP) FCIP:

The FCIP specification will be complete by the IETF in the first half of 2003. The FCIP market will accelerate in 2003 as customers begin to link together the SAN islands they have created over the past 5 years. Most FCIP implementations will remain vendor specific, but multi-vendor implementations based on the FCIP will appear by the end of 2003. However, most implementations will be vendor specific.


The iFCP specification will be completed by the IETF in the first half of 2003. iFCP is addressing a need in the market place today through its distance capabilities for disaster recovery, business continuance and SAN internetworking applications. Another application of iFCP has been in building highly scalable data center IP SANs, through iFCP's fault isolation and FC SAN routing capabilities. The iFCP market will grow more than 10-fold in 2003 as the percentage of SAN adoption increases and as more and more customers integrate their storage applications with mainstream IP networking.

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