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Zoning -- defined

Do you know the difference between striping, mapping and zoning? Find out more about zoning in this 'Storage Smarts' quiz question and answer.

Do you know the difference between striping, mapping and zoning? As part of our 'Storage Smarts' quiz series, we...

recently asked readers the following multiple choice question:

    Storage Smarts Quiz #26

This is a fundamental technique for SAN management that can be implemented several different ways. In all cases, it serves to limit users' access to the appropriate storage devices. This increases security and decreases traffic over the network.

a. striping
b. mapping
c. tunneling
d. zoning
e. locking

(It's no secret the answer was d. zoning.)

For a more complete definition of zoning and its different applications, check out the accompanying Storage Smarts answer.

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