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High availability advice: Point-to-point connections and database replication

High availability advice: Calculating availability for point-to-point connections and the pros and cons of replicating a database

Site expert Evan Marcus has had some good insights to share this year on a variety of storage high availability...

questions posed by our audience. Brush up on your storage knowledge. Take a look at Evan's three most popular expert answers for the year and see if you agree with his insights:

Calculating availability for point-to-point connections
The pros and cons of replicating a database via database replication tools or host vs. array-based replication software
Which provides better reliability, RAID1 or RAID5?

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Evan Marcus, Principal Engineer, Veritas Corp. expert category: High Availability

Evan has more than 15 years of experience in Unix systems. After spending five years at Sun Microsystems, he joined Fusion Systems and, later, OpenVision Software, where he worked to bring the first high availability software applications for SunOS and Solaris to market. Evan is the author of several articles and talks on the design of high availability systems. He is the author (along with Hal Stern of iPlanet) of Blueprints for High Availability: Designing Resilient Distributed Systems (2000, John Wiley & Sons). Evan has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Lehigh University (1984) and an MBA from Rutgers University (1989).

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