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NAS advice: SAN/NAS customer confusion and NAS vs. iSCSI-based SANs

NAS advice: SAN/NAS customer confusion and NAS vs. iSCSI-based SANs

Our NAS expert Randy Kerns passed along some good insights this year on a variety of NAS questions posed by our audience. Brush up on your NAS knowledge. Take a look at Randy's three most popular expert answers for the year and see if you agree with the insights:

Storage's trends in 2002: DAFS, TOEs and more customer confusion
How to choose between NAS or iSCSI-based SANs?
NAS as a specialized file server and its distinguishing elements

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Randy Kerns, Partner, The Evaluator Group category: NAS

At the Evaluator Group Randy is responsible for storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) analysis and education as well as company and product strategies. He has over twenty-eight years storage product development, including work for IBM, Fujitsu, Vice President of Engineering at the Array Technology subsidiary of Tandem Computers and Director of Engineering for Enterprise Disk at Storage Technology Corporation.

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