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Spectra Logic claims its tape reaches FC speeds

There's a new tape library on the market from Spectra Logic. The company claims the Gigabit Ethernet performance of its 20K library approaches Fibre Channel speeds through LAN architectures.

Returning a book to a shelf takes no time at all. Backing up data to a tape library is sometimes a slow and arduous process. That's why Spectra Logic Corp. has sped up the process by putting a new Gigabit Ethernet quad interface processor in its latest tape library.

Spectra Logic, a tape library manufacturer based in Boulder, Colo., announced the Spectra 20K library, the newest addition to Spectra Logic's family of AIT tape libraries.

The company said the Spectra 20K library improves upon Spectra Logic's library design by offering 67% more storage capacity. The library manages up to eight tape drives and 200 AIT tape cartridges, and it stores up to 20T bytes of data.

The Spectra 20K library also marks the arrival of Spectra Logic's second generation Gigabit Ethernet quad interface processor (G2 E-QIP) with dual port connectivity for redundancy and a performance increase of up to 60M bytes/sec. Spectra Logic said the 20K's Gigabit Ethernet performance approaches Fibre Channel speeds through LAN architectures.

Robert Amatruda, a senior research analyst with International Data Corp., Framingham, Mass., said the 20K will help Spectra Logic enter high-end data centers where it has not competed before. "[It] will help Spectra address the need for larger customers that have larger data requirements."

Virtualization technology has also made its way into the 20K. Spectra Logic's Shared Library Services (SLS) virtual library operating system allows the library to be partitioned from two to four logical libraries. SLS provides support for heterogeneous platforms, backup applications, tape drives, media and multiple interface technologies within the same library, the company said.

The Spectra 20K tape library ranges in price from $40,000 to approximately $114,000. Independent software vendors (ISVs) Computer Associates International Inc., Legato Systems Inc. and Veritas Software have certified the Spectra 20K library system as compatible with their software products.

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