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Storage Smarts Bonus Answer #2 -- FC-SAN Specialist exam

This is the second of three answers to sample questions you might expect to be asked on SNIA's FC-SAN Specialist (Level 3) certification exam.

Were you correct? The right answer to the following FC-SAN Specialist exam practice question is: C. adequate buffer...


As background, here's the related practice question again that you might find in an FC-SAN Specialist (Level 3) certification exam:

2. A customer wants to deploy a disaster recovery site 30 km away from the primary data center via a Fibre Channel link. What is the key factor for maximizing performance of the link?

A. type of ports
B. link control
C. adequate buffer credits
D. Fibre Channel Class of Service

Do you want to try your hand at the last in our three-part series of practice FC-SAN Specialist exam questions and answers? Click here.

(Sample exam questions and answers have been provided courtesy of SNIA's FC-SAN Specialist exam developer and training firm, Infinity I/O.)

For more information about the FC-SAN Specialist (Level 3) exam and certification:

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