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Vendor makes migration tool available on per-use basis

SANgate Systems is taking a new approach toward moving data. The company is marketing its data migration appliance on a pay-per-use basis to professional services firms and system integrators.

Next week, SANgate Systems Inc., a storage vendor headquartered in Southborough, Mass., will announce a new initiative...

it calls the "Professional Services Partner Program," which offers a new approach toward data migration services for users based on the company's SANblaster S1000 storage appliance.

Patrick Courtin, CEO and president of the company, said the new program works on a per-engagement basis, meaning that system integrators and service providers use the S1000 for specific customers and pay SANgate a fee based on the size of the job, instead of purchasing the appliance outright.

Courtin said the S1000 data migration appliance is still in the qualifying process with vendors, which began when it was launched last July.

Through the program, professional services firms, system integrators and value-added resellers can develop and deliver a data migration services. Collective Technologies LLC, Austin, Texas, and Glasshouse Technologies Inc., Framingham, Mass., are the first companies to sign on with SANgate's program to provide data migration services to their clients.

"This announcement is an extension of our partnering program where we offer partners the ability to use the S1000 data migration on a per-engagement basis and we share the proceeds," Courtin said.

Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst of Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Storage Group Inc., said this business model could catch on with service providers that are already offering data migration, as well as with companies that want to get into the service market.

"Large companies do migrations every quarter, and [the Enterprise Storage Group] thinks they can average in cost of over $200,000 each, let alone the planning time involved, which can be months," Duplessie said.

Duplessie estimated that service providers could provide data migration with one-tenth the upfront planning cycles and at a fraction of the current cost.

The program is built on the SANgate's SANblaster S1000 data migration appliance, which accelerates the data migration process in homogeneous or heterogeneous storage environments. Through its new partner program, SANgate provides its partners with technical training, marketing support, and staff resources.

SANblaster is designed to provide a software framework for managing the migration process from planning to conclusion. It also delivers a data transfer rate of 1T byte per hour.

Users say that traditional data migration methods that rely on shared networks can put data safety at risk.

"Due to the dramatic growth in data storage requirements, data migration has become a costly and mission critical event," explained Mike Hogan, general manager of Imation Storage Professional Services (SPS) and a beta user of the S1000. Hogan was interviewed during the product launch of the S1000 earlier this summer.

"The frequent and careful migration of data requires solutions that ease the time and cost, while providing a high degree of data safety and user control," he said. "SANgate's approach ensures safe migration of data as well as a significant improvement in transfer time."

The SANblaster S1000 supports Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris operating environments. Future releases will support AIX, HP-UX and other open systems operating systems. The S1000 enables both Fibre Channel and SCSI connectivity.

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