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Jamie Gruener on coast-to-coast data centers

Jamie Gruener on coast-to-coast data centers

Jamie Gruener
Senior Analyst of Enterprise Computing and Networking at Yankee Group
In his role at Yankee Group, Jamie covers the storage market and is responsible for delivering expert insight on storage networking standards and emerging storage technologies. His areas of expertise include SAN management and virtualization. His research also covers carrier integration of storage technology, content distribution, server technologies and the storage service provider market.

QUESTION: I am looking for a remote replication solution between my East coast and West coast data centers. What factors should I consider and what vendors stand out?

ANSWER: Cost is the biggest threshold. There are some vendors that are more inexpensive but their features tend to be less robust. Also, some vendors tie hardware directly to the replication offering such as EMC, while others such as Veritas are software only.

Other things to look at include: How efficient is the vendor's approach (can you throttle the transmission of data and is it taking up all of my T3 or OC48 links)? How does the vendor's offering avoid data corruption? If there is a problem with the links between your primary and secondary sites, how does the software notify you of the problem and re-engage after the problem is cleared?

The other thing that needs to be considered is latency. If you have an operation/application that is more latency intensive (say, a large database), then you need to consider how the data replication vendor keeps this latency down in order to transmit the data over a continental connection.

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