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Tool simplifies management of Exchange data

E-mail is fast becoming one of the biggest storage hogs in any organization. But one company says it has a tool that can automate some of the tedious tasks associated with managing Microsoft Exchange data.

A software management developer said it has developed a tool that will help users manage one of the biggest storage hogs facing businesses today --e-mail.

StoreAge Networking Technologies Ltd., Irvine, Calif., said that its SVM Policy Manager for Exchange automates the management of storage in Microsoft Exchange environments by using a rules-based policy engine.

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According to StoreAge, SVM Policy Manager simplifies the administration of Exchange systems in storage area networks (SANs) by centrally managing, protecting and monitoring all Exchange storage resources anywhere on the SAN.

The SVM plugs into the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and allows administrators to set storage policies that are automatically executed.

Arun Taneja, a senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group Inc., Milford, Mass., said that Exchange servers are like any other large database-oriented application. When they run out of disk space, they crash.

Taneja said that managing disk resources, adding users and scaling Exchange seamlessly are fundamental issues facing all Exchange users.

"In a pure, virtualized SAN, [the SVM Policy Manager] removes a bunch of painful things that administrators have to do," Taneja said. He added that tools like the SVM Policy Manager function more efficiently on storage from one vendor.

The SVM Policy Manager makes possible on-the-fly expansion of Exchange storage capacity while systems remain online, instant data recovery via scheduled snapshots of Exchange databases, and enhanced cluster scalability, which is achieved by removing volume and port limitations and eliminating common sources of storage disruptions during cluster node failover, StoreAge said.

The SVM Policy Manager for Exchange is available now from StoreAge.

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